The photographs you find here are from among my first. I'm on a journey to learn how to do photography with the Canon 40D SLR Digital Camera. I'm learning slowly.

The collections have too many pictures. I know that. Someday I'll get rid of all but the best. Less is more, I guess. You can only appreciate so many pictures of an old transit or white narcissus. I am also aware that I take pictures of odd things.

The lens is a Canon 24-105 L Series. The "L" lenses are expensive but the glass is made by a special process and is supposed to be of the best quality. I've found mine to be especially sharp and it produces great color. The "bokeh," which is the blurry, out of focus areas not within the depth of field, is pleasing.

I'm also learning to do WEB pages. That's a more arduous journey. And it's not as enjoyable as the 40D. Both will be adventures. Come along.

The truth is, I just need some text to fill this box.